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Join Us for Special Two-Week Summer Retreat

Bön Dzogchen Pith Instructions & Teachings on the Bön Mother Tantra

TWR70bBoth new and continuing students are warmly invited to gather at Serenity Ridge for this special summer retreat with Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Rinpoche’s founding of Ligmincha International. Registration is now open.

Rinpoche has graciously agreed to teach on two topics this summer: pith instructions on the nature of mind, dzogchen, and teachings from Bön Mother Tantra. These are the focus of Rinpoche’s own personal practice and the core of his teachings for the past 25 years

The morning teachings of both weeks will focus on the pith instructions of Bön dzogchen lineage masters. Dzogchen, which translates as “great perfection” or “great completion,” is the highest among the array of profound teachings of the Bön and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Knowledge from the 24 dzogchen masters of the ancient country of Zhang Zhung (located in what is now Western Tibet) was distilled into pith instructions pointing out the empty and luminous nature of mind. Rinpoche will share these teachings in a meditative setting that supports students to open their hearts and connect with their nature of mind. During the second week of the retreat, Rinpoche will give the transmission for the pith instructions of the Twenty-Four Masters of the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu.

In the afternoons of both weeks, Rinpoche will teach from the Bön Mother Tantra. His focus will be on the six great methods of the path of the Ma Gyü cycle, one of the major tantric cycles of Bön. These six methods include the teachings of the elements, chöd (cutting fear and attachment), bardo, powa (the transference of consciousness), and the yogas of sleep and dream. They compose the principal tantric teachings for our sangha and provide support for the practice of dzogchen.

You are welcome to attend one or both weeks. If you can only attend one week, Rinpoche suggests that newer students attend the first week. Simultaneous translation into Spanish will be available.

Immediately following Summer Retreat, you are invited to attend a practice retreat led by Geshe Tenzin Yangton, the resident lama of Serenity Ridge. Consider staying from one to six days to deepen your connection to these important teachings.

The special teachings of the Summer Retreat retreat are in honor of Ligmincha International’s 25th anniversary; however, the main anniversary celebration will be held on Sunday, October 22, following the Fall Retreat.

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