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3 Doors Expands Its Programs

Practical Applications for Meditation in Everyday Life

This year The 3 Doors is expanding its Compassion Project, Conscious Leadership Workshop and Body Wisdom programs. Building on the continued success of the nine-month Compassion Project, Senior 3 Doors teachers Marcy Vaughn and Gabriel Rocco will lead a five-week Compassion Project class in May and a live online nine-month program that will begin in September.With a focus on supporting healthcare providers, educators, therapists and anyone who is motivated by compassion, The 3 Doors Compassion Project goes beyond basic mindfulness to help people understand how to remain present through difficult situations and process pain in relation to self, work and society.

The 3 Doors full color flat 72“Because I’ve spent most of my life doing and not necessarily ‘being,' this is a seismic shift in my approach to living – and the benefits are profound. . . . Being able to just be with the things that I struggle with is another level of self-care that I haven’t ever experienced before.”   -Tami B., Surgeon

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It isn’t only 3 Doors teachers who are expanding their program offerings; many 3 Doors presenters are rolling out pilot programs to larger audiences. This summer, presenter Frank Jeri and senior teacher Laura Shekerjian are offering another Conscious Leadership Workshop to university and business leaders in Lima, Peru. Currently, presenters Pilar Revuelta and Carlos Villarreal, who were mentored by senior teacher Ale Chaoul-Reich during their multiyear HECAT Education Project pilot, are working with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche to expand the 3 Doors Education Program.
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