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Trul Khor Tibetan Yoga Retreats in November

Part One Open to All and Postgraduate Training

Alejandro Teaching Trul Khor at Serenity RidgeAlejandro Teaching trul khor at Serenity RidgeTwo Tibetan Bön Yoga retreats – a beginning-level retreat from the A-Tri Dzogchen tradition and a training for graduates of previous Tibetan yoga series – will be held concurrently at Serenity Ridge in November.

Beginners and experienced students alike are invited to join us November 2–5 for instruction in the ancient practice of Tibetan yoga from the Bön A-tri Dzogchen tradition, taught by Alejandro Chaoul-Reich. This course can stand alone and also will serve as the first in a series of trainings to take place over the next three years. All trainings will be held at Serenity Ridge. In the past this training series began with the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyü trul khor. Now, we will start with the A-tri Dzogchen trul khor, as condensed by Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. All are welcome to attend.

Graduates who have done Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Tibetan Bön yoga from Ligmincha since 2002 can join Tibetan Bön Yoga, Postgraduate, Part 5, on November 3–5. In this retreat, participants will explore the body’s energetic dimensions and integrate the practice with everyday life. They will deepen their trul khor practice and also see how it connects with tummo (inner fire, heat, wisdom). Teaching with Alejandro will be Geshe Tenzin Yangton, Serenity Ridge resident lama, who has trained deeply in these practices in India and Nepal.

Trul Khor

Tibetan yoga can serve as a powerful support for all spiritual practitioners, not only those with an interest in physical yogas. In the Tibetan spiritual traditions, body, speech/breath and mind are known as the three doors to enlightenment.The contemplative physical movements of Tibetan yoga (trul khor) enable us to enter all three doors at once through a single practice, offering a powerful, skillful means for clearing the obstacles and obscurations to openness and clarity in meditation practice.

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