THE VOICE OF CLEAR LIGHT - Special Announcement Issue
News and Inspiration from Ligmincha Institute
Volume 8, Number 5 July 2008
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Ligmincha Institute’s Annual Auction & Fundraiser is July 18, 2008!
An update on Chamma Ling in Crestone, Colorado
Upcoming retreats at Ligmincha’s Serenity Ridge Retreat Center
New Books on Bon this month at Ligmincha’s Bookstore
(plus cards from Triten Norbutse Monastery)
Video teachings of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche: Tibetan sound healing
Online interview with Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
It's that time of year again: Ligmincha Institute’s annual three-week summer retreat at Serenity Ridge, when we celebrate with silent and live fundraising auctions and a lively banquet. Whether or not you attend the retreat you may participate in the July 18 live auction.
Please join us this summer to help raise money toward our Serenity Ridge Land-Development Fund. At this time, when the Tibetan traditions are struggling to survive in their native land, it is important that we in the West do everything we can to ensure that these ancient wisdom teachings and arts are safely preserved outside of Tibet. Donating to the continuing growth of the Serenity Ridge Retreat Center in Nelson County, Va., is a wonderful way to make a real, tangible contribution to this effort. It is an opportunity to support Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in his tireless efforts to make Serenity Ridge a place where the ancient Bon texts and artifacts will be kept safe; and where the healing Bon teachings will be taught and preserved -- as a living tradition -- for generations to come. If you are unable to attend the fundraiser you can still participate by placing an absentee bid on many of the beautiful items that will be offered at the live auction; or by making a tax-deductible contribution directly to the Ligmincha Institute Land-Development Fund. Please read
on! Absentee Bidding Absentee bidding is an easy and fun way to participate. If yours is the winning bid on auction night, you will receive that item -- and your donation will be tax-deductible!
Photographs of fundraising items plus instructions for absentee bidding can be viewed at:***-auction-items-***/view-all-products.html?practice=0
Auction Date: July 18, 2008 Deadline for Absentee Bid: Monday, July 14, 2008, at 5 p.m. For more information, please call the Ligmincha Institute Bookstore & Tibet Shop at 434-220-0060, or (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada) 866-522-5269; or email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Tax-Deductible Donation If you are unable to participate in the auction please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Serenity Ridge Land-Development Fund. All donations go directly to the fund. No amount is too small -- if 200 people each give $20, $4,000 will be added to the fund! To make a donation by credit card: Call the Ligmincha Bookstore at 434-220-0060; or fax the amount of your donation and your Visa or MasterCard information to 434-977-7020. (To maintain security, please do not send credit card information by email.) To make a donation by check: Make the check payable to Ligmincha Institute, and write “Land Fund” in the note area. Mail to: Ligmincha Institute, 313 Second St., S.E., Suite 207, Charlottesville, VA 22902
**PLEASE NOTE: There is still time to register for the Summer Retreat. For information or to register, visit
SMALL-GROUP PRACTICE: A BRIDGE TO SOLITARY RETREAT– an update on Chamma Ling in Crestone, Colorado
Chamma Ling in Crestone, Colo., was established by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche to support practitioners in undertaking deep solitary retreats in the beautiful setting of the Sangre de Christo mountain range. Our first three retreat cabins are finished and in use, and support all types of retreat practices including dark retreat. People coming out of retreat at Chamma Ling enthusiastically speak of their experiences of silence; clear, supportive energy; and all-pervasive space. Through the efforts and support of many people we can look forward to many generations of practitioners meditating on this mountain in peace and seclusion.
We have also heard from some people that they don’t yet feel confident to embark on a solitary retreat. It is a big step to go from a large-group teaching retreat of 50 to 100 people to spending a week or more meditating in solitude in the mountains. Somehow we need to bridge that gap so that people build the confidence needed for solitary practice.
Our response to this need is to offer intimate small-group practice retreats at Chamma Ling, led by our resident lama, Lharila Kalsang Nyima. Our first retreat of this type will be Aug. 16-24, 2008, and will focus on the practices of the natural elements, an essential method of the Bon lineage that permeates many other Bon practices. This retreat will be limited to no more than 20 people so that each person will have the opportunity to be supported individually by an experienced and qualified lama. The retreat will be focused on practice rather than teaching, and will assume that those attending already have a well-established meditation practice. Every day will include at least four meditation sessions, some taking place in the small group and some in solitude, supported by the strong presence of the elements in these mountains. Everyone is encouraged to camp on the retreat land, which maintains and supports the atmosphere and intent of retreat. This type of small-group retreat was commonplace in Tibet, where many generations found that it prepares the ground well for longer, solitary experiences.
The Elements Practice Retreat led by Lharila Kalsang Nyima Lharila Kalsang Nyima is the first of a planned series of similar events. We are considering hosting two or three events each year of this type to support the ripening of serious practitioners. We hope you will join us for the beginning of a wonderful new program.
For more details about this event and others we will be organizing this year, or for information about renting a retreat cabin, please see the Chamma Ling Web site at
John Jackson
Chamma Ling Director
This year we are fortunate to offer more teachings and retreats at Chamma Ling than ever before. We will begin with a unique Elements Practice Retreat, led by our resident lama Lharila Kalsang Nyima from Aug. 16-24 as described above. Lharila will also be giving teachings in Santa Fe and in Crestone following this residential retreat.
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will be leading his annual teachings at Chamma Ling from Sept. 18-21, and this year the topic will be Discovering Sacred Waters: The Healing Power of the Water Element in the Bon Buddhist Tradition of Tibet. In this teaching Rinpoche will introduce the powerful healing practices of Sidpa Gyalmo, the enlightened protector of the Bon lineage. These methods are useful to anyone encountering illness in their lives, or for people working with others who are ill.
Immediately following Rinpoche’s retreat, Alejandro Chaoul-Reich will give a public talk introducing Tsa Lung (meditative practices of the breath), followed by a three-day teaching on the Atri Trul Khor (Tibetan yoga), Sept. 22-24. The series of meditative movements that make up the Atri Trul Khor calm the mind and strengthen the energy within the body, providing a wonderful support for all types of meditative practices. The Atri series is easy to learn and practice, making it a wonderful and complete introduction to Trul Khor. We offer a discount to those attending both Tenzin Rinpoche’s Healing Waters retreat and Alejandro’s Trul Khor retreat.
For more details about all these events, or for information about renting a retreat cabin, please visit
John Jackson
Chamma Ling Director
UPCOMING RETREATS AT LIGMINCHA'S SERENITY RIDGE RETREAT CENTER Sept. 10 - 14, 2008 Heart Drops of Dharmakaya With Ponlob Trinley Nyima Rinpoche
The nature of our own mind remains hidden behind clouds of thoughts and emotions until a master directly points out the source, the essence, the “heart drop.” This is the method of direct introduction to dzogchen, the highest and most subtle path of meditation in Bon. The Heart Drops of Dharmakaya teachings were composed by Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen, a Tibetan master who upon his death in 1935 achieved the rainbow body, in which his physical body dissolved into light. Shardza Rinpoche was one of the most influential Bon teachers of his time; his works are used as textbooks in many Tibetan monasteries. During this retreat Ponlob Trinley Nyima Rinpoche will lead us in a series of extraordinary practices that invoke direct perception of the nature of mind. Unlike methods that involve watching the breath or otherwise calming the thoughts, these practices rely on body postures, sounding of Tibetan syllables, and simple visualizations to draw us quickly to an experience of our essence. These essential teachings are presented in the book “Heart Drops of Dharmakaya,” with commentary by Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, who is widely revered as the greatest living dzogchen master of the Bon lineage. This book is available from the Ligmincha Institute Bookstore & Tibet Shop. PONLOB TRINLEY NYIMA RINPOCHE is the Ponlob, or head instructor, of Menri Monastery in Dolanji, India. Born in Dolpo, a remote region of western Nepal, he has the family name of “Yangton” and an ancestry that traces back to Yangton Sherab Gyaltsen, a famous dzogchen and tantric master of the 11th century. Rinpoche began his training in 1976 at age 10. He received his geshe degree in 1989 from the Dialectic School at Menri Monastery and has been teaching there since then. He became
Ponlob of the monastery in 1992. Please join us for this rare and unique opportunity!
Retreat cost (includes meals; accommodations are available):
Earlybird registration: $450 by August 6 Late registration: $525 after August 6
Please visit Ligmincha’s Web site for further information and to register:,com_retreat/Itemid,131/retreat_id,30/
Oct. 8 – 12, 2008
Dream Yoga: The Practice of Lucid Dreaming as a Path to Enlightenment
With Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
It is said that the practice of dream yoga deepens our awareness during all our experience: the dreams of the night; the dream-like experience of the day; and the bardo experiences after death. Indeed, the practice of dream yoga is a powerful tool of awakening, used for hundreds of years by the great masters of the Tibetan traditions. Unlike in the Western psychological approach to dreams, the ultimate goal of Tibetan dream yoga is the recognition of the nature of mind, or enlightenment itself.
This intensive dream yoga retreat is designed for those just beginning the practice as well as experienced practitioners wishing to deepen their practice of dream yoga. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will discuss the relationships between dream and waking, and dream and death. He will instruct us in the “four preparations” for sleep and the uses and methods of lucid dreaming. The “clear light” practices of sleep yoga will also be introduced as will supportive practices related to the goddesses (khandros) of dream and sleep. This intensive five-day format allows us time to more deeply share and work with our dreams in the presence of the teacher. The formal transmission of the teachings from the Bon Mother Tantra will be given.
Retreat cost (includes meals; accommodations are available):
$450 received by August 27; $525 received after August 27.
Please visit Ligmincha’s Web site for further information and to register:,com_retreat/Itemid,131/retreat_id,22/
Nov. 5 – 9, 2008
The Seven Mirrors of Dzogchen
With Khenpo Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche
For information or to register:,com_retreat/Itemid,131/retreat_id,31/
Dec. 27, 2008 – Jan. 1, 2009
Experiential Transmission of Zhang Zhung, Part I: Ngondro, the Foundations of Dzogchen Practice
With Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
For information or to register:,com_retreat/Itemid,131/retreat_id,23/
(plus cards from Triten Norbutse Monastery)
To see the newest items at Ligmincha Institute’s Bookstore & Tibet Shop, visit
“Bo & Bon: Ancient Shamanic Traditions of Siberia and Tibet in their Relation to the Teachings of a Central Asian Buddha” by Dimitry Ermakov. Softcover, 827 pages. Price: $45.00
“Bon: The Magic Word” edited by Samten G. Karmay and Jeff Watt. Hardcover, 231 pages. Price: $75.00
“Enlightened Rainbows: The Life and Works of Shardza Tashi Gyeltsen” by Jean-Luc Achard. Hardback, 504 pages. Price: $192.00
“The Pandita and the Siddha: Tibetan Studies in Honour of E. Gene Smith” edited by Ramon N. Prats. (Note: the book has one article on the Bon tradition: “Philosophical Systems and the Debate of Ideas in the Bonpo Mother Tantra,” by John Myrdhin Reynolds.) Softcover, 313 pages. Price: $49.00
“Zhang Zhung–Tibetan–English Contextual Dictionary” by Geshe Dagkar Namgyal Nyima. Softcover, 491 pages. Price: $75.00
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche's video teachings on the five warrior syllables practice are now available for viewing on our Web site at:
These teachings offer step-by-step guided practices for clearing obstacles, accessing positive qualities, and uncovering your inherent wisdom. The teachings are based on Rinpoche's book Tibetan Sound Healing (Sounds True, 2006), available from Ligmincha Institute's Bookstore and Tibet Shop at
A New Dimensions Café interview with Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche is now available online for listening via streaming audio or as a free MP3 download. This 13-minute, “short-form” dialogue with Michael Toms is on the topic of “Adapting to Change”; the full interview is scheduled to air in fall 2008. To access the interview visit:

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